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TI Graphing
1.0 Integer  Links
1.1  Integer A & D
1.2 Answers
1.3 mulitiplication/division
3.0 One-variable Equations
4.0 Two-Variable Equations
5.0 Systems of Equations
Recovery Topics
Square 1
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Ever wonder how teachers decide what to cover in class each day?  It is more than just following a textbook in sequential order!  Really.

Well, we (speaking for the teachers) look at the Common Core Standard for the specific content and then the State and District requirements.  There are no secrets... and to prove that--and so you don't have to look at several sites--the information is here for you to read.

For End-of-Course information  [click] to go to the Kentucky Department of Education.

Common Core
Download CCSSI_Math Standards.pdf
Kentucky Mathematics Standards
Download KYMathStandards.pdf
Geometry Common Core
Download Geometry Common Core.docx
Geometry District Topics 1
Download Geo FT 1.pdf
Geometry District Topics 2
Download Geo FT 2.pdf
Geometry District Topics 3
Download Geo FT 3.pdf
Geometry District Topics 4
Download Geo FT 4.pdf
Geometry District Topics 5
Download Geo FT 5.pdf
Geometry District Topics 6
Download Geo FT 6.pdf
Algebra 2 District Topic 1
Download Alg II FT 1.pdf
Algebra 2 District Topic 2
Download Alg II FT 2.pdf
Algebra 2 District Topic 3
Download Alg II FT 3.pdf
Algebra 2 District Topic 4
Download Alg II FT 4.pdf
Algebra 2 District Topic 5
Download Alg II FT 5.pdf
Algebra 2 District Topic 6
Download Alg II FT 6.pdf